Prime Time! Ulta Professional Flawless Primer

I’m always hearing rave reviews on primers, but I don’t actually own any (or didn’t, shall we say). I use Urban Decay Primer Potion for shadow, but hadn’t bought any for my face. I had tried a Rimmel primer a year or so ago and it was no good. I eventually tossed it and since then have just eyeballed the living daylights out of Smashbox primers. I haven’t bought a Smashbox primer (yet) because of that high price tag on them – eesh! Enter Ulta Professional’s Flawless Primer.I walked into my local Ulta and was greeted with a big Ulta sale section. Ulta has some good products for a good price, so I poked around the bins. Lo and behold, I walked away with something – in the bottom sections were Ulta Professional’s new primers. Why the attraction to these? Well, I’ve been wanting a primer. Plus these are usually $18 a pop but were (and currently are) on sale for – get this – $6. Yes. Six bucks. Why the big discount? I think the company is trying to promote the product since it’s fairly new (which totally worked on me).

Ulta Professional offers four different primers – Flawless, UV, Hydro, and Matte. UV offers SPF protection, Hydro moisturizes, and Matte contains salicylic acid to treat breakouts and cut shine, all while prepping your gorgeous face for a smooth makeup application. I chose Flawless, which promises to minimize redness and even skintone to soften imperfections.

Below is the packaging. Sorry for the blurriness. I really wanted my camera to focus and even on macro it was like “No way, not today!” It got over its hissy fit later, but the packaging pics are not up to scratch.




ULTA Flawless Primer

With primers, a little goes a long way. You really only need a pea-size amount or so for your face because it just glides on. I expected this primer to be green because of the redness-reduction claims and…drumroll please…I was right! I love it when that happens. I took a swatch on my forearm of a pea-sized amount of this pea-colored product.

Left to right: dotted, smeared, blended

Left to right: dotted, smeared, blended

Close-up of texture

Close-up of texture

I was going to put pictures of it on my face but you couldn’t see it once it blended. Which I guess is okay seeing as it is green. Mer.

The pros:

  1. It had a silky, smooth, lightweight consistency.
  2. A little goes a long way – you only need a little for your whole face.
  3. It blends easily.

The cons:

  1. It didn’t even my tone or reduce redness. So it didn’t live up to the “flawless” claim on me  :(
  2. I don’t feel like it helped my makeup apply or wear better. I looked about the same as usual after application and by the end of the day.
  3. Word on the street is that the packaging stinks once you get farther down in the tube. Womp, womp. I hope not but we’ll see since I just started using this.

My verdict? Meh. It felt nice but didn’t really seem to have a purpose. My setting spray keeps my makeup in place just as well (if not better) and I have a green concealer stick that does a wayyyy better job of cutting redness. Would I spend $18 on this? No. Would I spend $6 on this again? Honestly, no. But I would like to try the other primers and wish I would have snagged them for comparison. Then again, the sale is still going on…

Do you have a go to primer?

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4 thoughts on “Prime Time! Ulta Professional Flawless Primer

  1. I’d have to agree! This primer doesn’t do much for me. However, the Ulta Matte Prime is much MUCH better. I really do notice a difference when I use it. Unfortunately, it is always sold out! Especially when the primers go on sale for $6.

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