Vivant SkinCare Sulfur Clay Mask Review

Today I bring you a skin care product I recently purchased, Vivant Skincare’s Sulfur Clay Mask with Zinc. I use face masks here and there when I feel like my skin needs some extra attention, but usually just the drug store variety. Those kinds of masks do provide a nice short term fix for breakouts and/or oily skin, but I’ve been wanting a more in-depth treatment mask for awhile. I signed on to Hautelook one day and there it was – a Vivant Skincare section, like Hautelook knew I had been looking for some new skincare products.

Vivant offers several different face masks, but I chose the Sulfur Clay Mask with Zinc because it is designed specifically for acne-prone skin. According to Vivant, this mask contains 10% sulfur meant to help clear up blemishes and allow skin to heal.

Vivant Skincare Sulfure Mask

The product is a very thick cream that feels a bit slippery when you first touch it. It is heavy but that also means that you get good coverage and a little goes a long way. The mask does contain sulfur but doesn’t stink like I thought it would – fragrance is listed as an ingredient, so I think Vivant took steps to mask any sulfur odor. The mask doesn’t smell great, but it doesn’t smell bad – I actually can’t quite put my finger on the scent.

Vivant Skincare Sulfure Mask

Swatched onto my bare forearm

Swatched onto my bare forearm

The directions on the container say to spot test this product on several areas of use before applying to your full face to make sure your skin doesn’t react poorly to it. I spot tested different patches on my face several different times before using as a full mask. According to the directions, you need to “cleanse skin thoroughly before applying medication. Apply a generous layer of the mask to face avoiding the eye area.” I washed my hands, then washed and toned my face and lightly patted it dry. Afterwards, I applied the mask using my fingers.

Just applied

Just applied

Just applied - avoiding my eye area!

Just applied – avoiding my eye area!

I made sure to avoid my eye area but somehow got the mask all up in my eyebrows. Woops.

I could feel this mask instantly tightening and tingling. I was actually a little freaked out by how strong the tingling was for a second because I thought maybe my skin was having a reaction of some sort to the mask. I decided to leave it on because all my spot tests were okay and figured if I ended up looking like a monster-face because of the mask then…well…so be it. Luckily, the tingling calmed itself down after a minute and my face felt fine, just uber tight from the mask drying. The product dries on your skin like a rock. I sat down and was reading the news on my computer while I waited out the 15 minutes you’re supposed to leave it on – I made a face at an article and my keyboard got showered in little dried-facemask flakes from it cracking off around my expression lines.

Desert-dry mask face

Desert-dry mask face

After sitting for 15 minutes

After sitting for 15 minutes

After 15 minutes of drying into a cracked desert-face, I got a washcloth wet and dampened my face in sections. Then I got the washcloth wet again and gently dabbed the product off my face before fully washing it off with my hands. If you just try to wash this off in the sink like a face wash, you’re not going to get far fast. On the flip side, if you immediately go at your face with a wash cloth, you’re going to scratch the bejeebus out of your skin. Take your time and be gentle.

The pros:

  1. My face felt so clean and fresh after I took this mask off! It was oil-free and I felt like my pores were thanking me.
  2. I actually had a few little blackheads on my face come right out after the mask on their own. Kind of gross detail, I know, sorry – but that impressed me because does that happen with your face wash? Probably not; it sure doesn’t with mine.
  3. It doesn’t look like I made even a teensy dent in my container and I did apply it generously. I think this bad boy is going to last me a long time.

The cons:

  1. My face felt pretty darn dry after taking this off. However, the directions do tell you to only use this once a week at first because excessive drying may occur. I just slapped some moisturizer on and was good to go.
  2. The ingredients list talc and two parabens. This doesn’t bother me but some people are sensitive to these ingredients, so I felt like I should mention it.

I have only used this mask a few times so far, but I’m already really happy with my purchase. This mask feels much more effective than any drugstore masks I’ve tried, so those masks may be a thing of the past for this beauty blogger. I suggest giving this mask a shot if you have trouble skin like I do! The only catch – check with your doctor if you’re using any topical medications already, just in case. I snagged this face mask on a special from Hautelook for about $16; it normally retails for $31.50/4 oz. from Vivant Skincare.


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4 thoughts on “Vivant SkinCare Sulfur Clay Mask Review

    • I’ve never heard of that but just looked it up – it sounds great! One description I saw for it said you can use it for a lot of treatments. Have you tried it for anything else?

      • Not yet, just as a facial mask, but I wanted to try it as an overall body clay/mudd mask like in a SPA (it comes a lot of product in one container, so I think I will have more than enough). I’m sure it will be fun and… messy!

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