Want to be a Balm Girl? theBalm Girls Lipstick – Mai Billsbepaid Review & Swatches

It’s Balm. James Balm. Just kidding, it’s his Balm Girl Mai Billsbepaid by the Balm. This is one of six The Balm Girls lipsticks sold by the Balm!

The Balm Girls lipsticks are traditional cream lipsticks. So what makes these so special? These lipsticks provide amazing pigment and condition while they make your lips look beautifully smoochable. They smell minty fresh, have great staying power, and come in a sleek little bullet tube. Plus the names make me laugh every time I read them on the packaging or website.

theBalm Girls Lipstick Mai Billsbepaid

James Balm is nothing compared to his Balm Girl

I was honestly drawn to all of the Balm Girl shades but decided that Mai Billsbepaid would be my first. It looked dark on the site picture but is described as a velvety nude (oh la la). Here’s how mine looks –

Indoors, no flash

Indoors, no flash

Indoors with flash

Indoors with flash

It’s much more true to the with-flash color. Need proof? Here, I’ll show you. Don’t judge my before shot; my lips are always chapped –  I got a little carried away with exfoliating but still have some questionable spots.



After, indoor lighting

After, indoor lighting

After, natural lighting

After, natural lighting

Man does natural lighting make me look pale! Anyways, Mai Billsbepaid is pretty spot on for my natural lip color? The pro and the con of this is that you can’t really tell I have it on. It’s certainly a my-lips-but-better shade for me. I have like a birthmark-y spot on my upper lip and you can see how the lipstick covers that.

I’m really happy with this lipstick. I love how it looks natural but makes my lips look a little better than usual. Lipsticks have a tendency to dry out my lips or highlight any chapping – I did exfoliate earlier in the day, but this lipstick glided on smoothly and faded away naturally, leaving my lips feeling the same (if not better) than before application. A true rarity for me! I also really like the packaging – not only is the silver bullet tube cute (it goes with the Balm Girls theme), but you can feel the cap click shut tight, which means I don’t worry about it in my purse. An added bonus I noticed on the packaging? It’s made in the U.S, which is something this American girl appreciates  :)   Looks like it’s time for me to invest in some other shades…

You can purchase the Balm Girls Lipstick at the Balm website for $17/0.14oz. I snagged this on a Hautelook sale though for $8, so you may also want to keep an eye on that site!

2 thoughts on “Want to be a Balm Girl? theBalm Girls Lipstick – Mai Billsbepaid Review & Swatches

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