Mmmm…Pretty and Polished Mint Chocolate Chip Super Balm Review

Holy cannoli, this product has such a long name! If you’ve read my blog before (if not, check out older posts!), you’ve seen the reviews for Pretty and Polished nail polish. I’m a fan of creator Chels’ polish, but have never strayed from polish purchases on her site. I was on her site waiting for her St. Patty’s polishes to go live and decided to poke around for a change. I came across the Bath and Body section and she’s got some pretty cool stuff there! I decided to order one of the yummiest sounding products in that section – a Mint Chocolate Chip cuticle balm. Mmmm!

According to Chels, “Our balms are designed to help you fight the dryness of your cuticles and other areas of your skin. Balms comes in white wall containers with ingredients listed on the side. Just rub your fingers into the tub and feel the balm melt like butter.” Or as I like to say, like buttah. She makes her balms with cruelty free essential oils, designed to melt onto the skin and nourish dry cuticles and hands. I currently use Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream (review here), but decided why not try this one for a comparison?

I love the little ice cream drawing!

Pretty & Polished Super Balm

My camera got finicky on this one. That’s why it looks like it says “coffee butler” instead of “butter”…I wish this balm came with a coffee butler! I think it should also say “May make you hungry” under the Warning header.

There was a choice of two sizes for the other balms but not for this “flavor.” There is no size listing on the tub or on the website for this balm, so I decided to take a picture of it in my palm so you can see sizing. For some reason, this is also the only cuticle cream listed as “super balm” on the container. I’m not sure there is a difference between this and the other cuticle creams though?

Pretty & Polished Super Balm

It’s bigger than I had thought when I ordered it, which is always a great surprise! The picture of the balm itself on the site looks smooth, like Burt’s cuticle cream. I was a little surprised when I took the top off and it was actually a little gritty/chunky. It looks like gooseflesh and I’m not sure if it’s supposed to? Check it out –

After I pushed down on it to apply some

After I pushed down on it to apply some

Pretty & Polished Super Balm

Although the smooth parts were obviously smooth, the balm picked up from the goose-bumpy looking parts did feel a little chunky until I really rubbed it in. At that point, it melted away on my fingertips. This formula definitely is a lot oilier than Burt’s, as you can see in this picture of it on and around my nails –

Pretty & Polished Super Balm

All that shine is balm. It took some time to sink into my skin. I could smell the chocolate better on my skin than in the tub, although it was like an afternote; mint definitely dominates the scent of this product.

The pros:

  1. It smells minty fresh, with a dash of chocolate.
  2. You get a pretty big container of this! This will last me quite a long time.
  3. The product is just a batch of essential oils and butters, meaning it is essentially straight nourishment for your hands.
  4. To quote the maker, Chels – “Coffee butter is said to have a 4.5 pH balance – which is the same as human skin. So feel free to use this balm on your cuticles or on any other dry patches you may have!” So I also put this on my knuckles, which get pretty scratchy.
  5. The price is fabulous.

The cons:

  1. I put this on and then read a book a few minutes later – my book jacket now has little oil fingerprints allll over it.
  2. It’s significantly oilier/greasier than Burt’s Bees; while the ingredients in this one are fewer and still all natural, you have to really let it sink into your skin so that con #1 doesn’t happen.
  3. I wish it smelled a little more like chocolate  :(

My verdict? I have no idea what official size this container is but it will definitely be worth the $5 I paid for it. Yes, only $5, you read that right. It’s less than a full-sized Burt’s cuticle cream and you get more. Holla! (sorry, I had to)  You can buy this cuticle balm or another yummy-scented one from the Pretty and Polished website. Prices vary by size and scent.

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