If you’re a reader, you know how low-maintenance I am with my hair. If you’re a new reader, here’s the deal – I don’t really do anything with my hair. It’s long, fairly thick, and refuses to ever do what I want it to. It doesn’t even hold style for my hairdresser, much to her disgruntlement. Part of the reason is because it’s pretty darn healthy – I wash, air dry, and brush. Sometimes I deep condition. I don’t use color and rarely use styling products or heat tools. Still, all hair needs some extra lovin once in awhile.

Enter Biosilk Silk Therapy. According to the back of the bottle, this product is “a weightless, leave-in silk replenishing and reconstructing treatment to repair, smooth, and protect hair types.” This clear serum is designed for use on wet or dry hair – just shake the bottle, put some serum in your palms, and finger-comb through. Below are bottle shots, followed by photos of the product itself. I’ve been using this for a bit, hence the empty space at the top of the bottle.

biosilk haircare-1

biosilk haircare-15

biosilk haircare-2

biosilk haircare-4

As you can see, this is an oily-looking serum. This means that a little goes a long way – I start with a little and add more as needed. I also only apply it on dry hair, although you can apply it while your hair is wet; I find that it’s hard for me to gauge how much I have on my hair when wet. Below are some before and after shots of my hair – check the captions:

hair care with biosilk

hair care with biosilk-2

hair care with biosilk-3


The pros:

  1. It leaves my hair feeling silky and smooth. All my little flyaways calmed down.
  2. It doesn’t weigh my hair down after application.
  3. It has a light, salon smell. I don’t know how to describe salon smell, so I’m hoping you just know what I mean. If not, sorry.
  4. You can apply to wet or dry hair, depending on your preference.
  5. You just apply with your hands, which is great for a no-fuss hair girl like myself.
  6. A little goes a long way (this may also be a con if you’re heavy-handed).

The cons:

  1. Too much makes your hair look oily. The bottle suggests starting at your scalp, but it makes the top of my head look greasy if I do that – the main body of my hair absorbs the product much better.
  2. It can take a minute to absorb, so you may think you applied too much initially.
  3. A lot of the product seems to stay on the palms of your hands after application. You’ll probably want to wash your hands after so that you don’t leave little Biosilk handprints around your house.
  4. The ingredients list alcohol (which can be drying – odd for a protecting product) and parabens (which some people like to steer clear of for possible health reasons).
  5. You need to remember to shake it before use so that the product mixes and works the way it’s supposed to.

My verdict? I love this Silk Therapy for my hair  :)   It says ideal for all hair types, but I’m not buying that – I think that this could be too much for fine hair unless used with a light touch. I also don’t think you should apply it to the scalp area so that you don’t look oily. For me though, this product is a nice way to fight any winter dryness and make my hair feel soft and manageable. The bottle says only for sale through professional salons, but I’ve spotted this at Walmart. You can also purchase through salons and beauty retailers. Price differs by store and bottle size; my 5.6 oz. bottle is labeled around $25, but it was a gift from my mom and I think she got it at Walmart for less. You can also buy Biosilk through online retailers like Amazon, but some buyers have reported receiving knock-offs, so purchase with caution.

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