Ready for Vacation? Head West with United Scents of America’s Hawaii & California Fragrances

I love fragrance, I really do. I have quite a stash of perfumes on my dresser and love to buy cologne for my hubs, who also happens to love fragrance. A lot of fragrances that have come out lately have seemed “meh” to me. To be fair, some are gems. However, I feel like others smell too close to existing scents, stink, or try too hard with gimmicks. Fragrances don’t seem as personal and/or authentic as they used to be. Am I too young to be saying that?

You know how certain scents can trigger memories? When I was in late elementary and middle school, my best friend and I could sit in my room around my stereo for hours. We would memorize the lyrics to our favorite songs, compare boy bands, (attempt to) sing along, make mixed tapes and plan our future radio shows. On beautiful spring and summer days, we’d toss open the window and spritz my curtains with a freesia-scented spray. The breeze would blow in and carry the scents of fresh air and freesia through the room. Whenever I catch those scents today, I’m taken back to those afternoons with my best friend. Are you thinking, “So what, Jay?” Well, recently I caught word of a refreshing new fragrance company that is spicing up the market – United Scents of America. United Scents stands out in that they strive to make fragrances personal again and aim to create scents that trigger memories. According to United Scents, “Our goal became to make our scents personal to the customer, not ourselves, and to remind people of where they come from. We hope our fragrances will bring people back to fond childhood memories, favorite vacations or any time in their life that they can associate to a special place.  We hope it inspires people to travel within the United States to places they have always dreamed of visiting.” Even better, United Scents wants to bring the beauty industry and jobs back to the U.S; this means their products are all American-made.

United Scents was kind enough to send me samples of their 7 existing scents to sample for you guys – so exciting! They currently have fragrances from spots around the U.S – California, Florida, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Texas. Each one is made up of notes meant to represent the state it’s named after.

United Scents of America

I decided to start with the Western scents: Hawaii and California. First up – California! California can be worn by men or women, but I’d say it’s a touch more feminine.

United Scents of America - California

The top notes of a fragrance are the scents you pick up immediately; these notes don’t last long, but they’re your first impression. In California, there is only one top note – fresh cut coconut. To be quite honest, I really didn’t like this top note at first. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s “fresh cut” coconut, but it didn’t smell like a warm, vibrant coconut smell to me – it smelled a bit synthetic, like a new bottle of suntan lotion. As it so happens, one of the co-founders said her inspiration was using Hawaiin Tropic lotion while sunbathing in California, so I was spot on! I still didn’t like it much though. Mid notes are called the heart of the fragrance because they make up the core of the perfume and give it body; these notes are often the most memorable ones. The heart of California is eucalyptus. I wasn’t sure how this would meld with the coconut, but it worked; it brought a green, herbal tone to the coconut as that top note slowly faded away. Bottom (or base) notes are the notes that remain after the others have faded away; these are the notes that you detect hours after you’ve applied the perfume. This note for California is vanilla bean. This was my favorite part of California, and I wasn’t a big fan of this perfume until the base kicked in. The vanilla makes the fragrance sweeter, creamier – the perfume becomes earthy but smooth. I feel like California would be good for warm summer weather; however, while it was nice, it wasn’t quite my cup of tea. I don’t feel like I’d reach for it as often as others when my favorite note is the base that comes out hours later. The wear time was pretty long, but it’s strongest after initial application and a few hours later.

Next – Hawaii! Hawaii is designed for women. This scent is one of the newest releases and I was so excited to sample it.

United Scents of America - Hawaii

The top notes of Hawaii are pink plumeria and night-blooming jasmine. These top notes are so beautiful! Fresh and floral, these notes are a beautiful tropical bouquet that make me feel like I should be on a beach somewhere. In Hawaii, the mid notes are golden pineapple and papaya. These exotic, fruity scents catch the lingering remnants of the top notes to create a lush but slightly more subdued version of the perfume.  As with California, Hawaii has only one base note – sweet coconut palm for this fragrance. This version of coconut was much more to my taste.

I basically love Hawaii. My hubs has family in Hawaii and has visited (I never have, sadly); as soon as I rubbed it into my skin and sat down next to him, he perked up and asked what he smelled. I haven’t been to Hawaii, but have been to the tropics – United Scents knocked it out of the park with this one. It makes me think of leis, island flowers, palm trees, sand between my toes. Hawaii is a lush, sweet fragrance. It’s strong at first in the best way possible – noticeable, but not overpowering. It fades naturally but has great longevity. Hours after applying I could still detect the light, sweet base notes on my skin. This perfume is exotic, fresh, and floral – the notes all blend together naturally and transition beautifully from layer to layer. Mmmm… plus my hubs kept telling me how good I smelled. I think I’ll be buying this in full-size!

Think one of these fragrances would be perfect for you? I know I sure found my summertime perfume! You can purchase a sampler pack of fragrances for $10 or a full-sized bottle for $58 at the website for United Scents of America. The brand also has a Facebook page and Twitter account – follow for brand updates and notifications!

Disclosure: The products in this review were sent for consideration by the brand or its PR office. Wayfaring Beauty’s first commitment is to the reader – this means reviews are honest and personal opinions, not guaranteed product endorsements.

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