East Coast Lovin’ – United Scents of America New Jersey & New York Fragrance Reviews

I’m originally from the east coast, close to New Jersey and about two hours out of New York- needless to say, I was so excited to discover that United Scents had fragrances for both states! When some people from home heard that United Scents made fragrances for those states, some scoffed – “The Dirty Jerz has a fragrance? Gross;” “New York won’t smell like the city, right? Subway grates and trash don’t smell good;” “Will Jersey smell like guidos?” Sigh. Listen people – New Jersey and New York are wonderful states that have so much more going for them than you see in the media! And the girls at United Scents did a fantastic job of capturing what makes each state so special – maybe because they’re Jersey girls who run their business out of Hoboken!

First up is New Jersey. I feel like this scent is a touch more feminine but could be worn by either sex because it has so many warm notes and no florals.

United Scents of America - New Jersey

The top note of New Jersey is fresh buttered popcorn. I love popcorn and could detect it after application. It’s better than it sounds, trust me – it’s not like you just popped a bag in the microwave and then rubbed the butter on your arm. It’s a sweet, slightly salty caramel popcorn scent. According to my hubs my wrist did not smell like popcorn, but did smell very yummy. This top note reminds me of when you’re approaching a beach boardwalk or a fair and you catch the scents of popcorn and other yummy treats hanging in the air. The mid notes of New Jersey are cotton candy, caramel, and coconut. These midnotes may sound like a strange combination, but they are SO delicious together. The sweetness of the cotton candy mixes with the warmth of the caramel and coconut; just enough of the popcorn remains to round out and balance the notes. The bottom notes of this fragrance are vanilla extract, peach, and patchouli. These notes are another mix that I would have never thought to put together but that work in perfect harmony. The vanilla and patchouli really warm up the fragrance, picking up on the caramel as the mid and base notes fade into one another; the peach is only noticeable as a lingering sweetness that the patchouli softens.

I was very curious about New Jersey and find myself loving this fragrance! It’s a sweet and savory gourmand fragrance that is unlike any perfume I’ve ever smelled. I started to type that it’s unlike any scent I’ve ever smelled, but had to correct myself; I have smelled this before – at the boardwalk and the fair. The sweet and softly musky scent remind me of buttered and caramel popcorn in paper cones, shaved coconut on sticky, sweet summer desserts, the sun on my shoulders, summer days fading into warm nights. New Jersey is a unique, homey scent that will appeal to foodies and non-foodies alike.

Next up is New York, which I would say is a feminine fragrance.

United Scents of America - New York

There are multiple top notes to New York – apple, violet, ozone, melon, cortland apple, lime zest, cyclamen, and rosewood. The dominant, immediately detectable scent is apple. I feel like a strength of United Scents is their knowledge of how to mix notes, and that shines in these top notes. New York isn’t just in-your-face apples – it’s more complicated by being subtly blended with florals and fruits. You can detect some sweetness from the floral notes and the apple is reigned in but enhanced by the melon and lime zest. If you’ve ever smelled apple perfumes like DKNY Be Delicious, this is a more nuanced, grown-up version of such an apple fragrance. The heart notes of New York are jasmine, basil, and lily. The floral notes pick up on the ones from the top notes, allowing the layers of the fragrance to blend effortlessly into one another. The apple notes are still detectable and the basil adds a slightly earthy note, although it’s a light addition. The bottom notes of this fragrance are peach and kiwi. When these notes kicked in, I couldn’t really detect one over the other – they emerge as a warm, natural sweet scent that work seamlessly with one another and catch a hint of the floral heart.

New York is such a fresh, fruity fragrance. It’s sweet, floral, and complex; I would have never believed that so many floral and fruit notes could make sense in one fragrance, but they do. It smells like the countryside when everything is blooming and coming to life at the same time.

Both of these fragrances are complicated and beautifully done. New Jersey is unexpected in scent and New York is a wonderfully executed pyramid of notes. Both start strong, although neither has exceptionally strong sillage. I put these on in the morning and could still detect them by night, although the fragrances were faint by then. If I bought these in full-size (which I think I will!), I’d probably reapply if I was going to be out day and night. My verdict? I recommend both fragrances!  You can purchase a sampler pack of fragrances for $10 or a full-sized bottle for $58 at the website for United Scents of America. The brand also has a Facebook page and Twitter account – follow for brand updates and notifications! Stay tuned here for a review of the last fragrance by United Scents of America, Massachusetts.

Disclosure: The products in this review were sent for consideration by the brand or its PR office. Wayfaring Beauty’s first commitment is to the reader – this means reviews are honest and personal opinions, not guaranteed product endorsements.

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