Last Stop on Our Tour – United Scents of America Massachusetts Review

Over the past week or so, I’ve been reviewing fragrances from United Scents of America (links are at the bottom if you missed them!). This company is unique in that it has created scents to represent states – the best of each state, mind you. This is such a cool concept and makes fragrances personal – and fragrances should be personal! Scents are such memory triggers and can hold special places in your heart; generic fragrances often miss that mark. Anyways, today I bring you the last scent I have from United Scents of America – Massachusetts.

While United Scents makes several fragrances that can be worn by either sex, Massachusetts is a masculine scent. I think this is because it was released at the same time as Hawaii, which is for women. Essentially, United Scents put out a balanced release. You know what though? There is nothing wrong with a little gender-bending here and there – I wore Massachusetts instead of handing it over to my hubs.

United Scents of America - Massachusetts

The top notes of Massachusetts are bergamot, sage, and lemon zest. My first impression of Massachusetts after dabbing it on was “whoa!” These top notes are very zesty when they first hit ya. However, the scent tones down almost right away into a lightly zesty, fresh scent – very citrusy from the lemon and bergamot with an herbal earthiness from the sage. I didn’t think I liked this combination at first, but it quickly grew on me…it was just so darn interesting! I certainly wasn’t expecting these notes for this state. Then again, I’ve never been to Massachusetts and don’t know anyone from there, so I can’t really vouch for how citrus-y it is as a state.

The mid notes of this fragrance are tart cranberry and jasmine. Another unexpected combination! I’ve learned by now though that United Scents knows what they’re doing in the surprising-scent-mixing department and that you just need to trust their noses. The cranberry keeps the fragrance zesty and tart (obviously, right? It’s tart cranberry) from the top notes but the jasmine tones down and sweetens up any remaining citrus. Not girly-sweet, but enough that you don’t walk around smelling like a tangy fruit bowl. I wouldn’t have imagined this mix of scents as masculine but it is, although not in the traditional sense. You’re probably going to have to smell it for yourself to see what I mean because I can’t think of any other fragrances at this point that have this unique note combination.

Lastly, the bottom notes are white musk, tobacco leaf, and northern red oak. Now this combination sounds masculine – and smells like it too! With these notes, I mostly detected the musk and a little tobacco. The fragrances becomes a warm, woodsy smell with just a touch of a sweet edge from lingering traces of the heart notes. As previously noted, I’ve never been to Massachusetts, but this woodsy base note combination seems just perfect from what I know of the state.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about Massachusetts right off the bat because I’m not a big zesty scent person, but it really grew on me! Once the heart notes kicked in, I really started enjoying the fragrance a lot more. I’d probably like this fragrance even more on a man, as intended – maybe I’ll share and see if my hubs will wear it and then let me sniff him all day. I’ll keep you posted.

As usual, I have to tip my hat to the ladies behind United Scents of America and their awesome noses – they have an amazing intuition with scents and come up with some stellar note combinations. I’m really excited to see what states they come out with next and will hopefully be able to review some more of them for you guys! You can purchase a sampler pack of fragrances for $10 or a full-sized bottle for $58 at the website for United Scents of America. The brand also has a Facebook page and Twitter account – follow for brand updates and notifications!

Do I have any Massachusetts readers who have sampled this fragrance? If so, does it ring true to your state? What states would you like to see from the company next? Let me know in the comments!

Disclosure: The products in this review were sent for consideration by the brand or its PR office. Wayfaring Beauty’s first commitment is to the reader – this means reviews are honest and personal opinions, not guaranteed product endorsements.

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