Heads Up! Polish Stash

I sorted and organized my polish collection tonight. Drink in hand, naturally. Mmmmm… In true OCD fashion, I organized it into an Excel spreadsheet…don’t hate. My hubs tripped multiple times over my polish because, also in true OCD fashion, I sorted the bottles into little(ish?) piles by color. No problems here.

I have 129 polishes (currently) and counting, as I can’t seem to stop collecting them. Collecting sounds better than hoarding…right? Ugh. They’re just so pretty! I don’t have a problem. If I say that enough, it’s true…right? Right…

Anyways, I hate it when I can’t recall which polishes I have for swatching and comparisons. I need one of those big, clear shelves to hang on my wall like salons have, but my landlord said no holes in the wall. Instead, all my polishes are crammed in a clear Rubbermaid bin. Crammed = I can’t see a damn thing unless the whole shebang gets dumped out. Spreadsheet to the rescue! You can now take a peek at my polish stash (in Excel form) by heading over to my About page and clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.

Bon voyage and happy polishing!

2 thoughts on “Heads Up! Polish Stash

  1. 129? Girl, you have a problem… ;-) I used to have tooooons and tons of polishes as well. I did a big clean-up, though, and I now I have about 30 or so left.

    • Hahaha, I really do! I keep telling myself I’ll do a clean-out and then I start thinking about how none of my shades are quite the same…and then I can’t toss them :( So I admire your ability to do that, lol.

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