Dollish Polish Urban Camo Swatches & Review

Hey polish lovers! Today I bring you an indie polish by the fabulous Dollish Polish. My hubs loves to play Call of Duty and (sometimes) Modern Warfare, the very games that inspired Urban Camo. When I spotted this polish back on Dolly’s site (I made the mistake of not ordering it last time it was in stockĀ – not this time!), I told my hubs I was ordering it because it makes me think of him; to be fair, it could also be because I’ve been lovin on camo pants lately for some reason.

Urban Camo is a mix of micro black and neon green glitters, green-gold and white hex glitters, and some larger black squares in a clear base. It’s essentially a quirky, fun, camo glitter bomb and I love it.

Dollish Polish Urban Camo

Dollish Polish Urban CamoI showed my hubs the bottle when it arrived in Dolly’s beautiful packaging (everything comes in it’s own little pink bag with her business card). He smiled and told me it looked like a certain kind of camo, then squinted, frowned, and said maybe it could use a little brown. Brown as a base coat it was! I decided to use a light, taupe-y brown so that the glitters would be complemented but really shine without any blending with the base color. The pictures below are base/top coat, 2 coats of Butter London All Hail the Queen, and 1 coat of Urban Camo. Click to enlarge!

Dollish Polish Urban Camo

Close up in natural light

Close up in natural light

Indoor w/ flash

Indoor w/ flash

Indoor w/o flash

Indoor w/o flash

Dollish Polish Urban CamoI’m loving Urban Camo! The formula was really full of glitter, so I didn’t have to do any fishing (unless I really wanted a white hex – they were a little sparse). I did turn my bottle upside down for a bit and then gave it a little shake before applying, which I’m sure helped all those pretty glitters end up around the brush. It was a little thick, but such is the case with plenty of full-of-glitter polishes, so not a big deal! I did have to place a little so that I didn’t get bald spots but, again, not a big deal in my book. I feel like this is a unique, unexpected, and pretty glitter combination. Although currently sold out, you can purchase Urban Camo for $8.75 from the Dollish Polish site and can sometimes catch it on Llarowe’s site.

What do you think of Urban Camo? Have you tried any other Dollish Polish polishes?


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4 thoughts on “Dollish Polish Urban Camo Swatches & Review

    • It’s an indie brand that does a lot of glitters – this is my first from Dollish, but chances are I’ll order more at some point, haha.

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