Who doesn’t love a good scandal? – Cult Nails Scandalous Swatches & Review

Indie brand Cult Nails had a stellar sale awhile ago and, naturally, I picked up quite a few polishes. I’ve reviewed most of them by now, but had yet to get around to swatching/wearing Scandalous. Scandalous is a coral jelly and though I had been excited about both the color and the fact that it was a jelly, I kept reaching for more exciting-looking polishes first. I was deliberating over this week’s mani and figured it was high time I used this lovely polish that kept getting overlooked!

Here is what Maria of Cult Nails has to say about Scandalous – “Causing a commotion as always, this diva has made a spectacle of herself.  Simply chic, and previously elusive, Scandalous creates a shade of coral that many had only dreamed of.  Offering the coverage of a crème, with the texture of a jelly, Scandalous dries to a flawless shine that demands attention.”

Cult Nails Scandalous

I put down my base and first coat; sheer but pretty, as expected from a jelly. I decided it might be fun to do a little nail art with layers peeking through the jelly, so I grabbed a white polish and my dotter. I applied a couple dots over my first coat, then applied a thin second coat. I applied a few more dots, then applied a third and final coat before finishing with a top coat.

Natural light

Natural light

Indoor w/o flash

Indoor w/o flash

Indoor w/ flash

Indoor w/ flash

Some of my dots are a little sloppy, but I’m a novice and am happy with how this mani turned out! I really like how the different layers of dots peep through the jelly  :)  (In non-Scandalous related news, I want to try this with a chevron pattern next. That is, if I can keep my hands steady enough).

I love how Scandalous is, in my opinion, a true coral shade. A lot of the so-called coral polishes I have tried are too orange or too pink to be a true coral color, so it’s nice to find a polish that has hit the right balance. Scandalous is such a fun summer shade, but is also work appropriate. I think that Maria hit the nail on the head in describing the polish as “simply chic,” though I don’t know that I would have seen this color and had “scandalous” pop into my mind. I love the finish of Scandalous and, as with other Cult Nail polishes, found the formula a breeze to work with. I had no VNL after the final coat but it still looked like a squishy jelly…huzzah! I’m happy with this polish and glad I didn’t let it gather dust any longer  :)  You can purchase Scandalous and other Cult Nail polishes on the company site for $12 each.

What do you think of Scandalous? What polish shades will you be reaching for all summer?

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