OPI Don’t Pretzel My Buttons Swatches & Review

I have never really been into the “mannequin hands” trend (when your nails match your skin tone exactly, like mannequins’ hands), but sometimes I just get this urge to wear a good nude nail polish. Like a few weeks ago, when I wanted to just go chic and basic with simple nude nails.

Girrrrl, your nails are fabulous! * Image courtesy of Etsy

Girrrrl, your nails are fabulous!
* Image courtesy of Etsy

The problem? I didn’t really have any nude polishes. Somehow, over the course of my polish hoarding addiction, I accumulated just about every color under the sun…but always passed on nudes. They just don’t look exciting in the bottle. I see them and am like “Oh, that looks just like…my skin. Ohhh, look, a sparkly pink!!!” and then I leave with whichever fun polish I got distracted by.

Determined to finally add a nude to my polish stash, I headed over to my local Ulta and came home with OPI Don’t Pretzel My Buttons from the 2012 Germany collection. Don’t Pretzel My Buttons is a light beige nude with yellow undertones. As with choosing foundations, undertones matter – if you lean cool, shoot for pink; if you lean warm, shoot for yellow. I am usually warm, but it would appear that my hands are more pink than the rest of me because Don’t Pretzel My Buttons didn’t love my skin color as much as anticipated. I think my index finger is chipped only on one side every time I swatch…sigh.



Indoor with flash - pardon my messy cuticles

Indoor with flash – pardon my messy cuticles

Indoor w/o flash, low lighting

Indoor w/o flash, low lighting

Natural light

Natural light

This is a nice nude shade and I’m happy I’ve finally added one to my stash. It feels a little more complete now (although my hubs would argue that it has been more than complete for months now). The formula was a little thick and needed two coats for full opacity.

My only issue with Don’t Pretzel My Buttons? For some reason, my bottle had a lot of little fuzzies in it. I painted one coat on the first nail and picked a fuzz off, thinking it must have been from a blanket or something. Nope. The next nail – fuzz. The next nail – more fuzz. It wasn’t like my whole nail was covered; it was just little pieces, but it drove me bonkers. I have no idea how that happened and I’ve never had that issue with a polish before. Hopefully I got it all out on this manicure, but I guess we’ll find out the next time I’m craving a nude mani.

You can purchase OPI for $9 at major beauty retailers like Ulta, at certain salons, or through many online sites.

What’s your favorite nude polish? Are you into the “mannequin hands” look?

5 thoughts on “OPI Don’t Pretzel My Buttons Swatches & Review

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  4. You’ve probably figured this out already by now but if pink fingertips is your problem (as is mine), OPI Samoan Sand might be your trick. The rest of my skintone shades very close to Pretzel, but with mannequin nails the trick is not to match, say, your wrist color but your cuticle color. Samoan Sand somehow seems to pick up the fingertip pinkness without clashing with the rest of my skin. Only downside is its a bit sheer–would love to try it over a more opaque nude like Pretzel, though!

    • I didn’t think to try Samoan Sand – thanks for the suggestion! I don’t mind having a little VNL but it probably would layer nicely with Pretzel. I’ll have to look for it on my next beauty run :)

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