Pretty and Polished Bombshell Swatches & Review

Disclosure: The product in this review was sent for consideration by the brand or its PR office.


A bombshell is a very attractive woman. An example of a bombshell is Marilyn Monroe, the inspiration behind the Gentlemen Prefer Blondes collection by Pretty and Polished. In this case though, Bombshell (from abovementioned collection) is a glitterbomb of a polish inspired by the TV show Smash.

I watch a motley collection of TV shows. Bones? Uh, yah. The Walking Dead? Count me in. The Office? Looove it. All of the Real Housewives? I might not always admit it, but chyeah. Smash? Never heard of it. Naturally curious, I looked it up! According to IMDB, Smash is about a team of people preparing a Broadway musical about the life of Marilyn Monroe. Ohhhh, I see the connection. So “Bombshell” because Marilyn was one? A dot more googling ensued and this popped up –

I’m assuming Bombshell is the Broadway play the team is preparing. Connecting the dots, look at me go!

Bombshell certainly fits the bill. This black jelly polish is a total glitz-fest; it is jam-packed with a bajillion glitters, more or less. Swirling my bottle around under the light, I spotted small, bright blue hex; little lime green and hot pink squares; pink and some coral-ish hex; maybe something circular lurking beneath all those other glitters?

2013_05_30_06_41__1024x1024The first time I was a bombshell wearing Bombshell (Ha! Sorry, I had to do it), I decided to wear it on its own. Let’s just start by saying that this is the thickest polish I’ve used. It wasn’t a bad formula or anything, Bombshell is just SO full of glitter that that’s what you get on your nail – a thick mass of glitter. I moved it around, spread it out, and started wondering where all these glitters I hadn’t spotted in the bottle had come from. As the base is a jelly, I used another coat. I ended up using three total and then a few layers of top coat because this is one top-coat hungry glitter polish!

3 thin coats

3 thin coats

3 thin coats

3 thin coats

One think I love about glitterbomb jellies is that when you use a couple coats, you can see the glitters suspended through the different layers. This polish had great depth when worn this way and I was surprised by how many different glitters are in Bombshell. In addition to the ones already noted, I also ended up with big blue hex, silvery holographic circles, small orange hex, pink circles, and a few blue diamonds. Beautiful! But a little chunky with all the glitter and top coating, so I decided to try Bombshell layered over a black cream base.

Two very thin coats over black. Excuse my cuticles.

Two very thin coats over black. Excuse my cuticles.

Pretty and Polished BombshellAhhh, much better. I feel like the black cream base really helped the glitters pop and shine through. Two thin coats still gave me the depth I love but smoothed everything out. I still needed a few layers of topcoat to really give me a shiny, even finish, but I felt this was a better look overall. As with many other glitters, I decided to try it matte.

Pretty and Polished Bombshell Pretty and Polished Bombshell

Gorgeous! Swoonworthy nails worthy of the name Bombshell. This is such a beautiful and unique polish – kudos to Pretty and Polished! I was a little confused about how Bombshell fit in with the collection when I first received it, but it all fell into place once I poked around a little and wore the polish. This is a showstopper. Glitz and glam. Stageworthy sparkle. A diva of a polish.

You can get Bombshell or other shades from the Gentlemen Prefer Blondes collection at the Pretty and Polished site – go order now while these beauties are only $7 because of a moving sale! Now if only Pretty and Polished would make an Audrey Hepburn collection… (hint, hint Chels!).


Disclosure: The products in this review were sent for consideration by the brand or its PR office. Wayfaring Beauty’s first commitment is to the reader – this means reviews are honest and personal opinions, not guaranteed product endorsements.

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