Summer Glow – Tan Towel On the Glow Review

The weekend before last, my hubs and I went to a wedding around where his parents live. One of the first things my hubs dad said to me was, “…where is your tan??”  Wahhhh  :(  Usually this Italian girl is a nice shade of brown; despite using sunscreen, being outside darkens me up nicely. But things have changed this summer…so far, I’m rarely outside. I work 7 days a week, about 50-60 hour weeks, and tear my skin off if I’m outside too long (more than about ten minutes) because my allergies have decided to wage war against me. His question was even more sad-face-inducing because I had realized my paleness weeks before and ran out to buy Tan Towel’s On the Glow self tanning moisturizers for face and body.


Tan Towel sums up this product and its use best –

TanTowel On The Glow self-tanning daily moisturizer develops a sun-kissed glow for a year-round radiance. Specialized formula contains skin color enhancing ingredients that gradually build up to one shade of color with daily use. Colorless formula is a water-based technology that helps blend your sunless tan. On The Glow contains Jojoba, Avocado and Olive Oil to help hydrate and moisturize the skin.

Directions of Use: Apply evenly onto body and allow drying completely before dressing. Use sparingly around ankles, knees and elbows. Wash hands immediately after use.

Sold! Here is my pale arm beforehand –


I eagerly started slathering this on at least once a day. I really liked On the Glow with the first few uses – it goes on clear and I didn’t notice an immediate odor. My skin felt moisturized, although not quite as moisturized as when I used lotions from non-tanning brands like Bath and Body Works. I’d rub the lotion on carefully (even making my hubs do my back so that I was even) and then let myself air dry in the buff after quickly washing my hands.

Then the love started to wear off. First of all, On the Glow does have a scent to it. It’s not as strong as other brands I’ve tried in the distant past, but On the Glow does have a faint but definite “self-tanner” smell to it. Go sniff some at the store if you have never tried one and you may see (smell?) what i mean – just try not to look too weird about it. Second, I figured a quickie hand-wash would be enough to wash off lotion. Nope. Wrong. All the little spots I missed in my lazy rinsing (like some between the finger spots) turned a nice, deep brown. Not the rest of my skin, mind you, but those spots. Thirdly, I experienced a little streaking and patchiness sometimes. I went slowly and was especially careful around thirsty skin like ankles and elbows, but would still have some streaks of dark spots around those areas here and there. I knew I should’ve bought blending balm to go with this!

My biggest let downs here are tied. I used this for weeks and only got a smidgen darker. And if I skipped a day or two, the gradual color started fading much faster than it took to appear. I didn’t notice any change at all on my face, probably because that gets more exfoliation than my arms, stomach, etc.





The other let down is that the color came off on my clothing here and there, especially if I was sweating. I noticed it one day when I had on a white shirt  and found random brown spots on it. I grumbled about it to my boss and she said the same thing happened on her beautiful turquoise sheets, so I should just put it on before work because we wear black. What about when I get home and change or go to bed?? No thanks. Womp, womp.

Despite these issues with On the Glow, I recently purchase the Tan Towl Self-Tan Towelettes to try. Stupid? Maybe. I’m going to go with “hopeful” instead though.

You can purchase On the Glow for face (2 oz) for $10 or body (8 oz) for $20 online or at major beauty retailers like Ulta. Have you tried any Tan Towel products? If so, what was your experience with the tanner? Let me know in the comments!

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