Winery Weekend!

For a blog that has a name dealing with travel and beauty, I haven’t had the opportunity to bring you much travel lately. I’m a 20-something working two jobs who is trying to save for a wedding and who has a fiancé who just got off furlough…travel is becoming more and more of a luxury, much to my dismay.

On the plus side, when my fiancé and I moved, we moved right into wine country. I love wine…I live right around a ton of wineries…perfect! This past weekend brought beautiful weather, so me, my fiancé, and a couple we’re friends with decided to go winery hopping. It was one of the best days I’ve had in a long time. I mean, I had the man I love, friends I love, wine, beautiful fall weather, and wine – what could be better?

The first winery we stopped at was called Barrel Oaks and it was out in the middle of nowhere. They offered 12 tastings (six sweet, six dry) for $12 – sold!  :)  Barrel Oaks has a chocolate dessert wine that was to die for. It was like drinking a chocolate bar and wine at the same time – talk about the best of both worlds, right? What’s even better is that the winery is completely dog friendly, which meant that I got to pet puppies that people brought in while I tasted a bunch of different wines. Heaven!

The view at Barrel Oaks

The view at Barrel Oaks

We finally dragged ourselves out of Barrel Oaks and headed over to the nearby Three Foxes winery. This winery had a long, winding drive up to this cute little cottage where the tastings and shop are located.

Me - "Awww!" Hubs - "'s a building."

Me – “Awww!”
Hubs – “…it’s a building.”

We enjoyed a full tasting inside (mmmm, scrumptious) and then my girlfriend and I bought glasses of wine while the guys went outside. When we finally went outside, they had climbed up the highest hill on the property (it was super hilly) and were sitting on chairs at the top waiting for us. Sigh. So much sloshed wine wasted getting up that hill to them.

Cute glasses! I wanted to swipe it but resisted the sticky-fingered urge.

Cute glasses! I wanted to swipe it but resisted the sticky-fingered urge.

We had told the guys to sit at one of these tables out in the vineyards so we could be in our own little beautiful world but…nope. Of course they went the complete opposite way.

Three Foxes

After going uphill (gahhh) and drinking what wine was left in our glasses, we went back downhill to the winery for a bit. Except then the guys headed downhill…it was beautiful at the bottom of the hill though, so they get some credit. There was a little creek winding through some trees and hammocks set up along the riverbank. My girlfriend and I plopped into hammocks with more wine in hand while the guys went and explored the creek (/got covered in mud). The only downer? Going back uphill again.

A beautiful hill...but a hill nonetheless.

A beautiful hill…but a hill nonetheless.

We hit up one last winery but I was a little buzzed by that point (woops…but I wasn’t the driver!) and didn’t take any photos. We finally dragged ourselves away from the wineries and headed back home. All the alcohol made everyone hungry, so we walked to the Mexican restaurant down the street from my apartment. Our favorite bartender was working and supplied us with an endless array of tequila drinks all night, most of which were on the house….oy! Suffice it to say, I wobbled my way home that night with my fiancé telling me to talk normal and stop shouting. Successful night! Most nights I’m a boring teacher, so this was definitely a spiced up weekend for me. I’m hoping to have more winery weekends this fall while the weather is still beautiful (and my goal is to take pictures at every one, not just the ones at the beginning, haha).

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