My First Stitch Fix!

Sorry if I’ve been blowing up your Twitter with little excited snippets about my first Stitch Fix being ordered, but I was so stinkin’ excited…and it came today! Yay!

Well, maybe we should start at the beginning. So what is Stitch Fix? Stitch Fix is a retail site that does some personal shopping for you and delivers it right to your door. You fill out a Style Profile (which entails some lifestyle questions, fit preferences, and selecting photos of clothes you like. You can also link your Pinterest if you have a Style board) and choose the date of your Fix. Then a personal stylist handpicks a Fix made up of five pieces of clothing and/or accessories that fit your profile. You get to try everything on at home with the things you already own, buy what you like, and return the rest in a prepaid shipping bag. Easy!

You pay a $20 styling fee up front – if you buy anything from your box, this credit gets applied to your purchase; if you return everything, Stitch Fix keeps the $20 as a fee for styling and whatnot. If you keep everything in your box, you get a 25% discount on the total. You have three days to try on everything and make your decision, which is ample time to see what you already have that goes with each piece, consult your girlfriends, etc.

I ordered a fix late last month and was expecting the box to come tomorrow. I stayed home from work sick today and was totally pumped when this morning I saw that my Fix was out for delivery. Every time I heard the downstairs door, I threw open the door and peeked around to see if the FedEx guy was here and probably frightened my neighbors a lot in the process (sorry neighbors!). Finally, this little gem was waiting…

IMG_20140515_143509_401This makes my sick day a lot better! Here’s what it looks like when you open your box –


A reminder on the process

A reminder on the process

The letter on top of the package is from my stylist, Avery. She gave me some suggestions on how to mix and match the pieces in the box and included styling cards for each item to show me different ways to wear each piece. Sorry these photos are a little blurry – maybe it’s because I was excited? I’m not sure, but I didn’t realize until I looked at them on my computer…oh well.


IMG_20140515_150934_959Beneath the papers is a little white bundle. Inside are all the goodies, folded up neatly in a way that I will never be able to replicate.


Item 1: Tullah Mini Link Pattern Bangle Set by Pixley ($42)



A shaky close-up on the clasp

A shaky close-up on the clasp

I’m not much of a bracelet gal, but I actually really like these bracelets. I like that they’re not matchy-matchy but are close enough that they go together and, more importantly, with many different things. They feel heavy and durable. The bracelets open on a hinge and have a fitted clasp so that they won’t just pop off your wrist (especially if you have skinny wrists like me). They’re also very summery but can still be worn in other seasons. Still, $21 a bracelet seems a little much.

On a side note, I have these bracelets on in every clothing picture below except for the pictures for Item 3.

Verdict? Undecided

Item 2: Janet Embroidered Hem Swing Skirt by Under Skies ($58, S)




This angle is what killed this item for me. Yikes.

This angle is what killed this item for me. Yikes.

Detail on hem

Detail on hem

I loved this skirt when I took it out of the box, although apprehensively loved it because I seem to spill things on everything I own that is white. It has a stretch waist and beautiful detailing along the hem (although it does  looks a little table cloth-ish). The skirt material has a slight textured look to it but is smooth and soft to the touch. The elastic waist cinches in at my natural waist, so I decided to tuck a tank into it. From the side? Beautiful and perfect for work. From the front? Eesh! It makes me look a little thick in the middle. My fiance started laughing when he took that shot and was like, “Man, you are going to hate this photo.” He’s right, I do! For $58, I couldn’t justify purchasing it when I only like how I look from the side.

Verdict? Return

Item 3: Lexis Chevron Print Henley Tank by Papermoon ($48, XS)


IMG_20140515_150609_160Generally speaking, I hate horizontal stripes on me. They look super cute on some people, but they tend to make me look wide (horizontal stripes draw your eyes outward). I’m very picky when I do purchase stripes, so it’s a rare occurance. Even so, there is something about a simple chevron print that I really like, so I didn’t check off “No stripes” on my Style Profile and just explained my pickiness in the comments section. Welp, Avery ran with it and put chevron right into my first Fix. Keep in mind, I like simple chevron – simple chevron this tank is not. I pulled it out of the box and was immediately like “Ick!”

Despite my initial reaction, I decided to follow Avery’s advice and try on everything in the box, regardless of initial impressions. I actually liked it a lot more once I tried it on. The first thing I tried the top on with was my bootcut jeans, but I felt that the boxy cut of the tank would go better with skinnies. My style card suggested mint skinnies, but I don’t own them in that color. However, I do own peach skinnies and they go well with the peach in the shirt. The tank is lightweight but feels well made and would look good with a cardigan for work or the fall. The tank grew on me more when I saw it in pictures – it’s actually really cute! Now the question is, is it $48 cute?

Verdict? Undecided

Item 4: Selfridge Cowl Neck Long Sleeve Top by 41Hawthorn ($48, XS)



This top was just a struggle for me from start to finish. When I grabbed it out of my box, it felt really nice – super soft and comfy. Then it struck me how thin the fabric was and I started being a lot more gentle for fear of tearing it. That is, until I struggled to put it on. There is a panel behind the cowl so that everything can drape and it’s like you have a cami in the front, but somehow I kept getting my arms under it as I slid it on. Then I had issues adjusting the cowl neck because it kept looking like just a huge mass of extra fabric (which I guess, technically, it is). As I adjusted the cowl, I kept finding spare strings gathered in the folds, like the top was already unraveling. I can see where this top would look nice on certain body shapes and builds, but it does nothing for my figure. I felt like it bulked me up (and not in the way a cozy winter sweater does).

Verdict? Return

Item 5: Wrenn V-Neck Jersey Top by Pomelo ($44, XS)


I really liked this top when I pulled it out of the box. The fabric felt great and the top seemed well-made. The color is fun and punchy, and the v-neck design is pretty unique in that it’s draped. I have a love-hate relationship with jersey though and this was no exception. It felt so nice on, but it skimmed my natural waist and then highlighted the part of my belly that I like shirts to skim across. It would be a great work shirt, but I honestly don’t think I’d wear it outside of that capacity. Avery suggested I try it with my Swing Skirt and ballet flats, and that was just a horrible combination on me.

Verdict? Return


In total, my box retails at $240. If I were to purchase everything in the box, which means my $20 styling fee applies plus 25% off, I’d pay $165. However, I will not be purchasing all five and am still undecided on two. I think this was a good start for Avery. I lean towards more classic clothes that I can dress up for work or style casually for everyday things (dinner dates, hanging out with friends, etc) and this Fix fits that bill. The great thing about Stitch Fix (besides the fact that a personal stylist sends you a custom box to your home!) is that you give lots of detailed feedback on each item at checkout. This means that I let Avery know what I think of the style, fit, cost, quality, etc. and she will take that all into consideration for my next Fix. I can make my fixes monthly or just sign-up whenever I’m in the mood for another.

What do you think of the two items I’m undecided on? Keep or return? What about my return items – should I reconsider before sending them back?

If you’d like to sign up for a  Stitch Fix account, I’d love it if you used my referral link!  Signing up for an account is totally free – you don’t get charged $20 until you order your first Fix. Don’t feel obligated to use my link, but doing so earns me credit when you sign up for your first Fix and I’d really appreciate it!


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4 thoughts on “My First Stitch Fix!

  1. Did you end up keeping the Chevron tank? I thought it looked great on you! I have found that my stylist also suggests combos that baffle me and don’t look great at all. I think they are into a cowl/drape look right now, since I also got similar items in my fix.

    • I did and thank you! I guess those combos work on some people and I’m always down for looking at pairings I wouldn’t think of. Cowls can be nice but, man, that one was just not.

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